Open Source Projects

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I’ve come across a number of open source projects aimed at home automation and smart heating control. The first I found is OpenRemote and then OpenHAB came along that offers even more flexibility. The new generation of smart controllers I mentioned in the welcome post have proprietary TRVs, but the OpenTRV project aims to bring control to individual radiators or zones. There’s also a project to control Heatmiser WiFi thermostats and a German one for Worcester’s Heatronic 3 system.


Cosy is another start-up that I heard about recently. Doesn’t yet do heating zones but does do boiler control and smart sockets. They’ve reached their Kickstarter goal and seem to be pressing on with new features.

Pegler i-Temp

Have just discovered Pegler Terrier i-Temp products, don’t know much about them and unfortunately there’s not a lot of information on the site. The intriguing thing is they mention a PC Programming dongle with some software to control the individual TRVs, but that’s about all they do say.

Update: I asked the manufacturer about the PC dongle and they pointed me to a different website. Even though the page is entitled ‘New Accessories’ the PC dongle is only “Compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.” It would appear that you can program multiple TRVs using the PC application, but there doesn’t appear to be any live control or facility for using a smartphone.